Post Workout Mix

With busy lives and endless demands on our time, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, let alone find the time to prepare nutritious meals and snacks. That’s why we’ve created Dinners & Delights to provide you with easy and delicious solutions for healthy eating that won’t compromise on taste.

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Make your dishes and BBQs 100% more delicious with 100% natural plant-based flavour. We’ve partnered with Raptor Naturals to help take your culinary creations to the next level. Spice things up with flavours inspired by India or take your tastebuds to the Pitmasters of America. Whatever inspires you, we’ve got the rub for it.

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Ready to supercharge your smoothies with extra nutrients and crunchy goodness?
Our Smoothie Station makes it oh-so-easy, simplifying your options into four tasty steps:

  1. Base – lay the foundation with protein and fibre
  2. Build – adds extra nutrition
  3. Boost – superfood powders for an extra kick
  4. Toppers – the finishing flourishes with crunch and texture

So, why not introduce your family to uplifting new flavours and nutritious health benefits?
You’ll soon notice their smoothie smiles.

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Who doesn’t relish losing themselves in an invigorating cup of tea?

This is the place to do it… with a tantalising loose leaf selection. Not sure what to try? Let your senses guide you… tea is an intoxicating journey of textures, flavours and fragrances.
Our neatly curated offering covers everything from the classic Black Assam pick-me-up to delightful fruit and herb tisanes. All chosen for their quality and freshness.

Grab an infuser and indulge today.

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Looking for healthier, tastier and more eco-friendly? Go organic. It’s peace of mind that your food has been thoughtfully grown and processed using fewer chemicals – with all the care and respect our precious environment deserves.

Our self-selection hub makes organics a breeze. Choose from a tempting array of nuts and seeds – preservative-free and natural. If you’re interested in nutritional details, you’ll find easy-to-understand ingredient listings with each product.

Pick up a scoop and explore today.

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